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Sex addiction, also known as compulsive sexual behaviour disorder, refers to a persistent cycle of failing to control intense sexual urges or impulses, resulting in repetitive and often detrimental sexual behaviour. An unspeakable pain, people with this addiction live in guilt and the fear of being misunderstood and ostracised by even the people they love.


  • Having obsessive sexual fantasies and/or intense sexual urges

  • Unsuccessful attempts to stop sexual behaviour

  • Objectification of sexual partners

  • Behaviour causes harm to personal, family and/or career development

  • Being emotionally absent at home

  • Finding love in the wrong places

  • Engaging in a series of sexual relationships

  • Having difficulty connecting emotionally with people

  • Relying on quick fixes and neglecting consequences


Recovery from sex addiction is possible. Professional therapy provides a safe space for these individuals to address their challenges, work on restoring family relationships, and look forward to a transformed and purposeful life.

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