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#DearMe: Letter from a recovering pornography addict

Written by an OHC client Please always remember how your life changed on 6 March 2023. You lost your job, were too ashamed to face your parents, family and colleagues, lost your direction in life, and even the courage to live.

All these happened because you were hooked on porn and did not realise how harmful it’ll be in the long-term.

You won’t live forever, yet you wasted almost half your life on porn before realising it's not worth it. If you can live your life again, making the same mistake again is truly not worth it.

In the remaining years of your life, stay away from porn. Prioritise and focus your mind and energy on things that matter.

Take care of your parents so that they can enjoy their life, and strive to live a good and fulfilled life for yourself.

The future is uncertain, but there is always a way out.

Please believe in yourself.

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